Silurian history is at the same time very similar and very different from Earth's own.

The settings of Siluria are generally in pre-determined periods, and some edges and dulls only get available on certain time periods (barring dragons who survived the Tribal Wars, or a time travel that brings Future traits into one of the past eras—time travel being a one-way ticket here).

The time periods, in order: Dragons, Dragon War, Heaven, Cavefolk, X, Feudal/Oriental, Wild West/Aztec, Realistic, Future, Space

There are two main calendars, Draconic and Kaominian; the Draconic calendar is used almost exclusively by dragons and other species for which time means very little due to extremely long lifespans, and the Kaominian calendar, which is equivalent to the Gregorian calender used in Earth's modern times.

The Draconic calendar is generally marked by a phenomenon known as Great Shifts, month-long moments of accelerated continental drift and shifts that drastically rearrange geography as the world plunges into apocalypse-like chaos, then followed by several eons of calm, barring the few stray earthquakes and tsunamis. A Great Shift always marks the start of a new "era" for them, making their calendar easy to follow even for human scholars.

The Kaominian calendar was first designed by Fourth Archsage Kaominon the Stargazer, and is divided by the birth of Worldqueen Aldréana the Glorious; B.A. is "Before Aldréana", and A.A. is "After Aldréana". It is based on several years of astronomical studies as to the movement of Siluria around its magic sun.

Before Great Shifts

Mother of Chaos

The Elder Dragon-God is born from the fires of Siluria's heart. She brings with her chaos and disorder as the planet stirs for the first time.

First Great Shift

The Primordials

Creatures are born from the upheaval that the Mother of Chaos brings with herself, and immediately spread out upon the earth, where they will further mutate into a myriad of beasts.

Second Great Shift

Dragons' Birth

The Mother of Chaos chooses one particular race of Primordials as her favorite, and gifts them with intelligence and sentience, creating the first dragons.

Third Great Shift

Tribal Wars

The dragons have more or less finished their major evolutionary refinements, and have now spread all over the world into nomadic tribes arranged by physical traits.

The Luminous

A being referred to only as "the Luminous" appears on the earth in the midst of an unparalleled solar storm. Dragon accounts describe it as a "small creature made entirely of light that flew through the air like a shooting star", "curious as a young whelp" and "containing power that grew as it did until it was as powerful as the All-Mother". The Luminous would finish growing by the next Great Shift, becoming a fully-capable deity.

Dragons of the Elements

During the solar storm, a magical flame has found its way to Siluria, where it was eaten by a dragon, who then gave birth to the first fire dragon. Other elemental objects, a ball of lightning, a magical flower, a watery veil, and a glowing rainbow ore, were soon also found and consumed, then spread their elements without fail to the dragons' offsprings. Dragons were entirely elemental by the beginning of the next Great Shift.

Fourth Great Shift

Angels' Emergence

The Luminous chooses to enlighten a species of primitive humanoids, but does so hastily and imbues them with all its knowledge. The resulting beings mutate into an appearance closer to the Luminous, and are whisked away by their deity into a safe floating haven that broke free from the planet during the fourth Great Shift. The beings begin dabbling in technology and magic along with their deity, using their superior dexterity compared to dragons, and are not heard of again until they begin casting down traitors from their floating continent.

Dragon Wars

The dragons begin an extreme series of infighting wars, not only between tribes but also between elemental alignments. It is at this point that the elemental spirits are created, and most retain the fierce nature they developed from being born in the midst of a war spanning the entirety of Siluria.

Fifth Great Shift

Ignur of the Firerock

A god born to two powerful elementals, controlling the essence of flame and earth, who retreated deep into the ground, where even the rock melts from the heat. In the infernal heat he toils, shaping the molten ground into gems and ores as peace offerings to Siluria itself, attempting to stop the Great Shifts.

The Spirit-God of the Wood

An ancient tree, spared the ravages of the Great Shifts time and again, gains sentience and becomes a Spirit-God, watching over its forest and the inhabitants.

Sixth Great Shift

Angels' War

some angels grow too conceited, think they know better than The Luminous and try to overthrow it. blood shed amongst angels. two things happen: fall and grim angels

Fall of Angels

rebel angels cast down from "heaven" en masse, left to suffer at planet's surface: wings grey, sickly, brittle, atrophied as their punishment, their pale skin burns too easily

Grim Angels

angels who fought against the rebels and killed find their wings turned pitch-black. The Luminous' grief and sorrow changes their nature to that of protectors and defenders. halos reforged into holy weapons, and these new angels are given the grim task of killing to defend "heaven"

Ruhksarpel from the Nether

A twisted goddess from a nightmarish plane who fled to Siluria, fearing for her life. Though she stitched the rip she had made coming out of the netherplane, it and Siluria were inextricably linked from then onward.

Creation of Dryads

dryads made from Spirit-God's magical seeds

Magical Turmoil

magic suddenly breaks out across Siluria like a bad rash; first catastrophe that isn't a Great Shift. after the turmoil, several species are suddenly able to use magic where they couldn't before (only ones born during/after turmoil show magical abilities)

Rise of Beasts

sudden mutations caused by the magical turmoil. animals now have beasts (read: benign monsters) to contend with. some beasts are new species, others are magical offshoots of known animals

Seventh Great Shift

Lehuloxolt, the Son of Peace

The Mother of Chaos lays an egg that hatches into the first demigod, Lehuloxolt, after Ignur of the Firerock covers the shell with molten iron. He rises from the ground on wings of silver and brings with himself the peace-wishes of Ignur to the surface.

Dwarves of Coal and Diamond

Ignus decides to try his greatest offering to Siluria yet: carves out the dwarves from rocks. deep dwarves from diamond, crust/surface dwarves from coal. noticeably longer calm than before Shift-wise

Humans' Enlightenment

The Luminous, grown wiser from experience and hardship, gives enlightenment to another species of primitive humanoids, but willingly contains its divine nature, unwilling to subject a new race to the hardships that angels faced. They are created dark-skinned, wingless and strong, so as to live on the surface of Siluria without misery, but nearly as intelligent as angels and more apt to magical arts.

Demons Spread

some genuinely repenting fallen angels are "redeemed" by MoC's pity, all their children are dragon-blooded "demons"

Eighth Great Shift

The First Elf


Dragonborn From Chaos

humans ask for MoC's dragon-blooded gift, become the dragonborn

Ninth Great Shift

Goblins' Rise

Ruhksarpel corrupts human exiles, creates goblins

Tenth Great Shift

Elven Clans

proto-elves divide

Eleventh Great Shift

Souls of Blood and Metal


Aral Laen, the Spider Mother

born from an ogre spider and an earth elemental. gradually became hybrids' deity, and today generally accepted as goddess of life and death, w/ role as guardian of the afterlife & caretaker of women

Twelfth Great Shift

Greater Spiders

Aral creates greater ogre spiders, first species to reach enlightened-level intelligence without being actually enlightened or all that different from their lesser versions

Spidersilk Shrine

first recording of Aral Laen's lair as a shrine to heroes of all species, first known usage of Spidersilk Shrine to mean specifically holy section of the Cave of the Dead

Aral's Blessing

the driders

White And Red

war between moon human tribes, War of the Roses/Sukiyaki Western Django style