Physical gods

The Luminous

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made the angels (too eager, gave them too much, took them away on floating continent), made the first humans (all black people so they wouldn't burn in the sun like angels, without wings so they would never have to fall, strong to survive)

Ignur of the Firerock

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born from fire and earth greater elementals, made deep dwarves from diamond and coal dwarves from coal

The Mother of Chaos

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made dragons, mother of Lehuloxolt, created the Dragonborn (mated w/ human) & demons (mated w/ fallen angel)

Ruhksarpel from the Nether

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came from the Netherplane, cause of the first portal linking Siluria and the Netherplane, created the first goblins by corrupting a small tribe of human exiles


Aral Laen, the Spider Mother

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made both greater ogre spiders (mated w/ ogre spiders) and the drider-equivalents (magic cocoon transformation), hero enshrining in the cave of the dead (ossuary-analogue, bodies preserved in silk) (heroes are people who did great things for their people, including any mother who dies in childbirth!)
Aral Laen is a demigoddess worshiped by both greater ogre spiders and the halfkin. Her worship is fertility- and community-based, with a great emphasis on feminity and motherhood in general, reflected in halfkin culture.


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mother is Mother of Chaos, protector of the Aztec, ensouled the "azmech" with his blood which also means that blood magic is prominent in Aztec society, accepts only sacrifices of birds and butterflies, and blood sacrifices from humans (willing humans is good too but the blood of enemies should only be spilled in defense, which is a loophole of preventive methods working as defense)

Spirit gods

Spirit-God of the Wood

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appeared when a tree survived the first several shifts and gained a spirit, protector of its forest, created the dryads, created the first proto-elf when one of the dryads prayed to it for a child (she took a recluse human lover)